“Poet Anderson: The Dream Walker” Trailer

23 Oct

The official trailer for the upcoming animated short film "Poet Anderson: The Dream Walker" is out! Check it out below.

Kari DeLonge (To The Stars inc.) posted on Instagram:

"Exclusively on IndieWire today we introduce the second of many platforms that will help tell the story of "Poet Anderson: The Dream Walker." The first is a full length album, the second introduces the story through an animated short film and more will unfold through comic book prequels and a novel next year."



"Poet Anderson: The Dream Walker" chronicles a hero's journey. Poet Anderson is a Lucid Dreamer — someone a real-time awareness of the dream state. His unique capabilities prompt him to explore a deeply fascinating, dark world, where he not only meets his guide and protector, The Dream Walker, but also his worst nightmare, a vicious monster called the Night Terror. When reality and the dream world collide, however, Poet must gather his courage and become the hero he was meant to be." [IndieWire.com]

The animated short film will premiere at the Toronto International Film Festival next month and will be released on December 9.

“The Dream Walker” Album Artwork Revealed

17 Oct

Angels & Airwaves unveiled on Facebook the cover artwork for the new album 'The Dream Walker', created by Gustavo H. Mendonca (you may know him for helping create characters for Marvel, DC Comics, Lucas Films and more).


According to the band's announcement, the cover is based on a key character that will unfold in the Poet storyline. 

"Dream Walkers are the elusive warriors of our dreams, protecting us from our nightmares. The orb-like halo is the physical embodiment of a Dream Walker's soul. It hovers around their body, creating a protective shield, turning the deepest vulnerability into the greatest strength."

"The Dream Walker" will be available for pre-order on Halloween on the band's official website and onsale this December worldwide.

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Demos from the ‘The Dream Walker’

11 Oct

WEHAY! The official AVA website is now linked to the AVA Movement forum. Thank you!

There are currently a lot of rumours flying around the forum which we cannot confirm. But what we can confirm is that the new album 'The Dream Walker' will be out in December and accompanied by much more.

While we wait for more news, why not listen through all the demos from the new album. Thanks to plopbellie for putting this together.

All-new AVA.com + new song premiere from new album “The Dream Walker”

6 Oct

The all-new angelsandairwaves.com has just launched! 

It features a new subscription service with limited edition packages, new merch and new behind the scenes video from the studio. Check it out now!


Schermata 2014-10-06 alle 20.10.45

But that's not all! The song 'Paralyzed' from the upcoming album 'The Dream Walker' just premiered on Rolling Stone, listen to it below and make sure to read the interview they did with Tom. Definitely worth a read! The new song officialy comes out tomorrow and you can already pre-order it on iTunes, Amazon and angelsandairwaves.com.

Tom DeLonge Reveals Angels and Airwaves' Explosive 'Paralyzed':


UPDATE: According to a press release, the album is scheduled for a December release, and will be amplified with the addition of graphic novels, an animated short film and a live-action feature film. (Thanks to forum member notnow123487 for posting this!)

Things are finally starting to happen, as the new era begins. Come back to our website as we will be posting more news to keep you up to date with everything that's happening in the AVA camp! 

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AVA 2014 update

21 Feb

It's been a while. Angels & Airwaves have been taking a lot of time off the last year or so. However now we can confirm a new AVA album is in the works, some recording has already been completed in 2013 and activity is happening again in the AVA studio.

Tom has posted photos from the studio, along with artwork from a future 'POET' project. David has been busy making and selling a lot of coffee with his company James Coffee. Ilan has been busy with AVA, NIN, The New Regime and probably more musical projects than we can keep up with. And last but not least, there's reports that Matt Wachter is actually still alive. He was found in a kid's play house near Boston.

Here's a round up of photos of from the guys.

tom_aaron_studio matt_wachter_returnsdavid_kennedy_recordingtom_studio2poet_drawingTom_reviewing_worktom_studioIlans_studio

Oh and yeah Atom Willard dropped by to hang out.


There's also a new mini-documentary about the making of the Love movie:

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